November 1, 2008

Review : Dead Space

Dead Space... sounds like a horror game, and it is! Pretty good for a horror game, but still have to be compared to the likes of Doom 3!!!

--> Check Dead Space off list

You play as a man who's searching for his... girlfriend? wife? sister? Who knows!! On this ship of class "Planet Cracker" -- this is basically a planet version of harvesting rocks. It somehow cracks the planet's surface and pulls it up into space and processes it. Cool idea huh?
Upon arrival, nobody seems to be answering the call, which is fine for a horror game and the ship that you're in crash lands into the docking bay (typically). You exit your crashed ship with a few others and enter the complex, as a standard horror game goes, you have gore, gore and blood all over the place. First thing you notice is how WONDERFUL the 3-D interface is... as in... the Issac's HUD, not YOURS, but HIS!! He's got this suite like iron man and he has a HUD. This is projected into the 3-d space in front of you like a hologram, FUCKING AWESOME.
As the game continues you get your standard 1 by 1 introduction of enemies, initially you don't have a weapon so you have to run like a sissy down and take the elevator down. You find your new best friend and ion cutter (of the sort) and "Cut off their limbs" written in blood. You shrug and bam bam away you go.
The story consists of running little errands throughout the planet cracker ship and defeating crazy monsters along the way. You get to play space invaders a few times and Z-G basketball? or something like that.
Good things about the game are each enemy has a slight weakness, it might be the knees, arms or their.. tails..... But usually a few shots from mr Ion cutter and they usually die. The game doesn't scare you AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, they didn't milk the game enough, they probably assumed that people are so scared they tend to spam their bullets a lot too... between my 4 weapons, on medium I didn't seem to run out of ammo at all.
The game's bosses are too easy, they basically have targets on them saying "shoot here, ask questions later" very consol game!

Overall, story was pretty decent, strange clipping issues and lack of usage of scary atmosphere :(

October 27, 2008

This upcoming holiday!

This upcoming holiday - things I need to do :
Games to play/complete
Crysis : Warhead
Farcry 2
Sacred 2
Fallout 3
Red Alert 3
James Bond Quantum of solace
Mirror's edge
Left 4 dead
prince of Persia
Velvet Assassin
Need to upgrade my graphics card... Else the things above can not be done :(
Also do a few problems at Project Euler

October 25, 2008

Flame wars!

GRRR Ultimate flame wars.
I used to be a pro flamer in the good old Guild Wars forum posting days. *sigh* Good times... I've retained some of the spunk from the good old days, I still feel like flaming a bad design... just looking at GG's interface makes me wanna FLAME IT!!!
Having done a Cosc course in human interface design doesn't quench the need to flame!!!

Note: HCI (human interface design) is basically design of a user interface. Interface is a program's outlook. Like... Windows has a lot of interesting HCI components. EG. Press Start->Shutdown to shutdown. START = SHUTDOWN??? random right?

October 24, 2008

Team effort

Just recently, i was part of a group project, and you know what REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS!!? People who say, "I'll get it done, sweet OKAY!!" and then... the following few weeks.. NADA! Zilch!! Zero. And when confronted, they say "oh sorry, I was meaning to get it done" (MEANING ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOOL) So now, that 'forgiven' person is set a new task... and you guessed it, same thing happens AGAIN! There's a saying, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, I can't be fooled again (Pres G.W.Bush Jr.) - I love that stupid quote, but you all know the original right? But as a group we decided to turn a blind eye.

This happened several times (that and him not showing up to meetings bothered the collective) till the point where we just accepted failure from any task that he would perform. At the final few days, he managed to pull off his designated task by burning the midnight oil and get it done. I'm sorry, but that's just not good enough. There are a lot of sayings about limiting factors - the collective is only as strong as the weakest. (I can't rephrase that in a more elegant way as I can't be bothered so no flaming about this particular clause)

This person, fails at being a team player. But what can we do? Not like we can fire him from a "random drawn" team.... *sigh* and we're one of the top 5 groups... just to think there are MORE dysfunctional people in other groups *shudder*

For future reference, please do not say "i'll get it done" and not report to anyone about your progress of "lack-of". If you're not gonna do it, don't say you're gonna do it. If you are, keep us updated!!! grrrr angry!

October 10, 2008

Why humans are stupid

Evolution.... if it were real (for those who favour creationism), the logic goes... smarter people produce smarter babies.. and dumb people produce dumber babies.
RIGHT! That's the basics, lets assume smart people stick with smart people, dumb people stick with dumb people.
Smart people plan for families
Smart people try to have successful careers (primary focus on career and not on reproduction)
Dumb people do whatever
Dumb people can't have a great career so they fornicate one another (primary focus on reproduction)
Heat and bake with evolution, genetic drift on for several thousand years.
So.... the amount of babies that the dumb people produce will be more than smart people.
Conclusion : Dumb people are a plenty, smart ones are harder to find.
Solution : Snip reproductive systems off from people with an IQ lower than (X) and provide a better system for smart people having kids.
But that's inhumane!!! Stupid humans!

July 27, 2008


For a moment through time and space, we are one. Destined to follow the same path, separately but at the same time. Strangely, time and space doesn't allow us to do this. I wish we can be together always, closer than anything else in the physical universe, bounded together, forever. I want you to be closer to me, but what I want is not what I can have. You've slipped through my fingers too many times.
Thoughts of holding you in my arms quickly travels into the abyss in my mind, they yearn to be forgotten by vote of the collective. Hope is the only part of the grand collective of feelings that keeps you up on it's walls, soon to be taken down.

July 7, 2008

Man's best friend

He sits, he lays down, he comes when called,
He eats, he sleep, he plays when bored,
He growls, he snarls, he barks when angry,
He's caring, he's fun, he's lively
He's man's best friend.

July 6, 2008

She stands there

She stands there... holding onto something so beautiful, completely startled by it. The world around her becomes muted by it's mere presence. She felt so powerful holding it in her hands, "It doesn't belong to me alone" ,she says to herself in the silent but busy room.
Today she felt the future in her hands... she enjoyed it. So much... she wants to do it again and again.

July 5, 2008

Chipmunk on the roof

Scuttling, it's the noise you hear 3 seconds before your alarm clock goes off.
Little crunching noises as you pour milk into your cereal.
More scuttling as you get into your car.
"There's a chipmunk somewhere in this house i think... should i kill it or let it go? Eh~ Whatever," is what you tell yourself.
You honestly can't be bothered getting rid of it, plus it's just there not doing anything... i hope...

July 3, 2008

Do not fret, the inquisitor cometh

One says, "Hi" another says, "Hey", but ultimately, this person says nothing. Did they mean to say anything? Or is he simply ignorant of your presence? Thoughts must race over yourself to who this person is... are they... mute? Expressionless? Do they simply just detest you? No... of course not, I'm lovable, no one can resist my charms. Somehow, that person has dodged every bullet you fired. You grow furious and maybe admit a little anxious about it. You tell yourself just let it go, and you do... that person... the one you used to love... they just tossed you away without even a glance.

Do you understand the pain?

May 30, 2008


No more... strength to go on.... blogging streak... ending
lack of motivation to go on.
it is sad to witness a death of a blog
even worse being the executioner.
nobody will read... nobody will see... the true genius will never be discovered in time to save the world. flattering myself won't resurrect the remains of this blog.
Sad but true.
If a blog falls in blog-universe, does it make a sound...?
Only the cries of readers.... of which there is none.

May 16, 2008

You are an inspiration to me

You are an inspiration to me
The very essence of your being,
The way you subdue others with your charms,
The articulation of your words,
The reminder that you will always be there,
The justifications you give to your actions,
The understanding you portray,
The vibrancy of your glare,
The formation of your sentences,
The thriller that is being you.

You are an inspiration to me,
Without you I would be nothing.
Without you I would feel nothing,
Without you I would try nothing,
Without you I would say nothing,
Without you I would see nothing.

You are an inspiration to me,
everything that I do not want to be.

May 11, 2008

We simply don't care

Sitting at home, completely unaware of the growing explosive tumor in my brain that is a ticking time bomb. Which is one possibility of my demise, yours too. But we carry on with our lives as it were normal, unknowingly making arrangements that we will not be able to attend to, making promises that we can not keep. Because you're dead and all~~ No grudges can be held there - I hope.
The question that comes up often in our lives as we receive bad news that we can not do anything about. Is it really worth knowing if you can not do a damn about it? War in some middle eastern place that we can't do anything about. Brain tumor that's growing inside citizen A's head that will explode in 10 seconds from now? Unconsciously we make the choice not to care deeply about these people who are not directly connected to us.
I'm not saying we should shed a thousand tears for each individual that passes away. In contrast to not giving a damn about your dying parents. I'm simply raising the issue to the fact that us being human beings do not care much about others that we can not feel the effects of. Sadly but true, we do not give a damn about something that does not affect directly.
A sad and true fact.

April 29, 2008

Simplify your life!!

As we mature and age, we develop a need for complexity. Where there is none or little, we make it complicated and sophisticated for no apparent reason what so ever. Or is there an underlaying desire to be smarter and more clever than other people? We thrive on complexity, from our languages, to our technology and most importantly, our relationships with people. Why is it that we enjoy enduring complicated relationships with people we love? If you see it from one perspective, we enjoy being miserable. If you see it from another, we think too much about things. Wish we could all just enjoy what we have, who we have, for all their worth.
If it's complicated, simplify!

April 25, 2008

The hill

As I stand on the top of the hill overlooking the city, I think silently. I think about the people who live in this city, how far away are they? Can I see them from here? Do they know I'm looking over them? Probably not. I smile, hoping someone from below catches the flicker of light my teeth reflects. I continue to look ahead, I can feel the wind now, swaying me left.

April 20, 2008

*sigh* didn't want to do this but I'm bored

The rules:-
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules. Yinny
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

--Severely damaged the bone structure of my right elbow when I was 4, leaving me a disfigured right elbow.
--I have a snow white (as in... like snow) teddy bear that is currently wearing my balaclava posing as a terrorist in my room.
--Desperately in need of a haircut.
--Can crack almost every crackable joint in my body (like cracking knuckles++)
--I can be serious when the time presents itself (which you may not believe)
--I bring my water bottle around with me everywhere (sometimes I forget and leave it at the flat)
--Currently have 3 assignments due and haven't gone over 50% in any of the three.
--Not terribly effected by music.

I tag nobody 8 times, because I honestly CAN'T BE BOTHERED!

April 19, 2008

The most mundane tasks!

I've got new found respect for programmers out there that programmed the normal "break" in a sentence. The ones that naturally press "enter" for you when it reaches the end of the line, it's not easy that's for sure, IT IS NOT EASY! Had to write like a hundred line of code JUST SO IT DOES THAT!!! 100!!! if any one of the fails, the program doesn't work!!! ANNOYING RIGHT~!!!?
Such a mundane task of pressing "enter" at the end of the line once if fills up, so simple? NO IT'S NOT!
So note to self and others, pay more respect to computer programmers and "nerds" as you call them, they're the ones that decide how to make the programs that you need for your business. Your MIR machine? Your GPS! The phone you're holding onto right now, your screen! Your entire life if you revolve around anything technologically advanced. Respect should be dolled out to these people who have made these things come to reality, don't be dissing!

April 14, 2008

Don't hide

You're beautiful, don't ever hide it from the world
Like a flower, except you're always in full bloom
You bring colour into your surroundings
I wish I could be close to you just to feel your refreshing aura
But if you hide, nobody will be able to find you
Beauty should not be wasted in a dark world
We need you, so don't hide from the world.

April 12, 2008

Found these, digging through stuff

Just looking through some old photos on my Pc, it's pretty interesting stuff

The tower of doom, looks like a giant evil lair to me if you REALLY think about it
Took it waiting for fish and chips and Allan, saw it and decided that the cloud swirl looked pretty neat
The candy floss itself could possibly be larger than the kid it self!!! ZOMFG!
A random picture i took of my old dog, who's passed away :( So cute~~
My cousin, 2 days younger than my sister (Mum's sister's son) Acting like he's constipated in a kimono that my other cousin is going to wear (female) it's obviously too big for him

Eye of the Beholder

Note: Re-reading my blog title and decided, hummm just been ranting and talking about random stuff, not actually letting you relax and let me do the thinking. Haven't been doing that. Not very thoughtful during the past few days, but however, here's something interesting.

Ever just wonder, what makes other's see different things? We both have brains, but why do they get something I don't and vise versa? It's a simple common sense, or at least, that's what you think. Here's a strange example : a person may see the world in a different colour than your own. If you were to receive the same information from their eye into your brain, you might be seeing the colour red instead of green, but strangely, you disagree with him/her on whether it's red or green. They say it's green, but to you, it should be green but it's red.
What they see is red, but call it green.
Have you ever thought about that?
If you have, I congratulate you on self exploration. If you haven't, I hope you're not confused.

April 8, 2008

Argh!!! Women!

Sometimes, I swear!!! (yes i do that often but you're missing the point ENTIRELY) Women!!! they drive you up the wall so high you can say hi to the moon!!!
Oh~~ What is it this time that they've done now Panny? You ask, WELL!!! Lets start from the beginning *rubs out green blackboard and starts chalking in a thought bubble*
You have women complaining about how "men are such jerks" and yada yada yada, (which seems to be the media norm) and then you have the "men who aren't such jerks" who oppose the men who are. What's your point? I'M GETTING TO IT!!! READ!!! Nobody really travels down the "women side of things" if you know what i mean, mostly because women are perceived as sugar and spice and everything nice, that and or all directors have to present their movie/media project on a board of ALL FEMALE MEMBERS!!!! Women sometimes forget that they themselves can be the "jerk" of the species, I'm not saying that men aren't, but women are as well.
That's a bit harsh don't you think Panny boi? No! that's my point, it's because we aren't so critical about women as we are about men, probably because women already have such low self esteem, if we bash them any further they'd probably go into an emotional coma! Most women "care" for lack of a better word about what they look like and what not, it's hard to find a woman who doesn't give a shit about weight and appearance. You could say that some do, but if I add in "relative to men! <- who are straight not gay!!" You'll agree with me some more.
That's not quite the point entirely. The tip of the point (ha ha) is that women can be as much as a jerk as men, if not more. They often have the upper hand which leads to them being manipulative of men's emotions. We are (men) not emotionless, it's less apparent because we aren't hormonal a quarter of our lives.
And there's MORE!!! Women openly hurt men like they are "allowed" to.... which is just cruel!!! Enough said
Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, well... i can't be fooled again! (George W.Bush Jr)

March 31, 2008

Things to own!

Things to own... when you become a gazillionare! or have so much money you don't actually know what to do with it.
I can't say much about what you want, but here's what I've come up with so far on my list of wants.

-That wack waveing inflatable arm flailling tube man from family guy
-Swimming pool of bean bag beans
-Side pool with jelly!!
-A yellow school bus
-Barney suit
-Robotic Dinosaur (the cheap ones you see at slightly-amusing-amusement parks)

This is the list currently, more ideas might spring forth!

March 30, 2008

Me and my anus!

woah woah woah!!! A little graphic? Maybe! But that's not the point! Me and my anus! Titled by me! Because it's legendary.
How to use :
It's easy! Instead of "your mum!" used "My ANUS!"
often degrading to the user but gets the point across
commonly used as an insult to what the target is or is doing

Examples :
Hey, can you pick up that potato?
My ANUS can pick up that potato!!

I wish I can do maths so well.
My ANUS can do maths well!!!!

Basically, it's universal, JUST DO IT! My ANUS CAN DO IT!
It doesn't have to make any sense what so ever, use as directed for a comical effect to something mundane or to defuse tense situations. MY ANUS CAN DEFUSE TENSE SITUATIONS!!!

this... is ..... LEGENDARY!!!!

I got 1 word for it!! JUST ONE!!!

March 29, 2008

Tears of my Sun

Even the Sun may cry on occasions. It's okay, we will wait with you.

March 22, 2008

Fish out of water

The fact is, fish don't belong anywhere else but in water (alive that is). So... that's why the saying "like a fish out of water" comes from, but what happens if two fish were out of water? Does the rule of not belonging still apply? And what happens when there's an entire school of fish out of water? Would that be so strange?
And finally, what about all the fish out of water? Surely that wouldn't be strange at all!!

March 21, 2008

I honestly don't

I don't want to be the jackass, not really. It's a horrible thing to be. I'm a nice guy, but being the devil's advocate it so much more entertaining. Plus, if someone's already "reserved", what am I to do? Act like a complete jackass and provide a contrast between the "reserve-ee" and the others. Essentially, the wing man. The general outline of the wing man is that he doesn't have any ulterior motives, acts like a complete fool and yea! Get who they're "backing up" laid, or hooked up etc etc... If that's the definition of being a wing man, I've pretty much got a PHD in it - maybe just the make a fool of myself part.
I'm such a jackass, and that would be a euphonism.
What to do when all targets are engaged? Spin around in circles and hope the base calls you back to chill some more.

March 19, 2008

Good Company

*Sigh*, it's like when someone deals you the "friend card", oh yea!!! FRIEND CARD!!! It's so mean! Why can't the friend be more than just a friend? I just don't understand. I'm only good company, but good company doesn't get you laid or into a relationship, but isn't it essentially what a relationship needs? Good company!!? Here I am, thinking yay! But in fact, it's like, "You're great to be around, just not as a person I wanna be around" <-- that doesn't even make sense!!!
Just a tad angry, slightly bored out of my mind and lonely :\
Cause the above isn't completely EMOTIONAL! bahh!!! Just want to feel again, to make someone feel, to matter to someone! But nobody wants just good company and cheesy jokes.


March 18, 2008


Why would I say dodgy things? To put certain phrases into your mind. But it's your choice to "play" the same game with me or call me perverted.
Just today, talking to TWO GIRLS!!!! (yes, g.i.r.l.s!!!! not women or ladies, still girls!!! - and for those of you who know what i'm talking about, YOU KNOW!!!) and I was called perverted. WELL!!! Maybe!! If you don't play this provocative verbal game. I only know a few girls who'd join in on this game, and I applaud you! And for those of you who don't, it's a shame cause we're not on the same page honey~~
I know i know, it's a little perverted, but I didn't say it, but you're thinking it! Did I make you think of it? Or you already thought of it!
I don't know, I just miss having someone else think for me.
Don't respond if you're just gunna bash me please

March 15, 2008

Horribly Desensitised

Yes, I'm horribly desensitised (or according to, it's more like... desensitized!!! - i hate americans). What does that mean Pan? You ask! Well! I'll tell you! You should have heard of those "e-shock videos" that are on the internet, such as "meat spin", "tubgirl", "goat.xe (or something)" and various other shock horror vid/pics.
The latest craze is the "2 girls 1 cup" and it's spin offs (just as disgusting or more). As sad as it may seem, I just laughed at the video and then cheered them on and made pleasurable "mmmm - delicious" sounds (sarcastically OF COURSE!!) In the case of the bit where she passes the load on like "snowballing" - yes, google THAT! - I just cheered and said "yea!!! you go girl"
I'm disturbed by my own actions, very so much that I'm making this blog post. I'm more concerned with how happy I was after watching it and just wanting to laugh at it some more and press replay just over the awesome chocolaty moments! MMMM Who wants chocolate ice cream and moro bars!!! YUM!

March 11, 2008

The illusion of choice

You believe that you have a choice whether or not to take the blue pill or red pill, but in fact, you don't have that choice at all, choices you make are predetermined set of values and variables set subliminally. In fact, you've already taken the pill before the choice has been presented to you.
The thought of destiny scares us, as we are "meant" for something, a set purpose that may or may not be apparent to us yet. Everyone knows the classic "it is your destiny, join the dark side" argument that Darth Vadar puts up but that's not enough to convince anyone. We all want to think we have control over our lives, our own destiny. To a degree yes, but you wouldn't expect a poor starving African child to become a tycoon over the course of his/her life. In the rare event that it happens, but the decision is not theirs to make.

Did you chose to read this far? Or have I made the content interesting enough for you to read? Is that my choice, or yours?

March 10, 2008


Seems like nobody cares anymore, which is a sad fact. I, myself have more things to blog about, feelings in need to be shared, words unspoken.
Maybe it's time for me to take a break from this, seeing as how nobody reads much of it anyway.

March 9, 2008

Beach, The

Spent a fun day at the beach just on Saturday, built a nice sand castle tower, caught some waves and swam a little, ran across the sand and did that scorpion king come out from under the sand thing - which was just me putting sand over my head and then having a hard time scratching it all out.

So far, I have no sun burns (Yea!!) but if you ask, I'll show you some flesh ;).

March 8, 2008

Tee-Vee madness

Sat down, was looking through all the TV eps i've watched.... thought about the ones that I have deleted from my 500gigs of AWESOMENESS!!! But then... i remembered that I wasted 1400 hours on a MMORPG - Guild Wars and considerable money on it as well a few years ago, it lasted for about 2 yeas though.
Thought about how much I've shifted my attention to the TV industry to replace my attention towards the Gaming industry. Here's the massive amounts of TV I've watched on my pc!
Category 40 min, 20eps/Season (avg)
24 (6 seasons)
Boston Legal (3 seasons)
Desperate Housewives (3 seasons)
Heroes (1 season)
Lost (3 seasons)
Prison break (2 seasons)
Stargate SG-1 (10 seasons)
Stargate Atlantis (3 seasons)
The L Word (4 seasons)
MythBusters (5 seasons)
Ugly Betty (1 seasons)
Grey's Anatomy (3 seasons)
MacGyver (3 seasons)
Battlestar Galactica (3 seasons)
One Tree Hill (4 seasons)
Firefly (1 season)
So far Tally - 55 Seasons x 40 min x 20eps= 44,000 min of fun! (733h 20m)
Well....That's a lot of hours to be honest! NOW!!! Lets count the half hour shows
Category - Half hour shows - 20 min, counting eps
Bleach (160eps)
Naruto (260eps)
Scrubs (20eps x 6 seasons = 120eps)
Full Metal Alchemist (51)
Chobits (26eps)
Guns x Swords (26eps)
Full Metal Panic (24eps +13eps)
Ichigo 100% (13eps)
Blood + (50eps)
Sad!!! A total of 743eps of 20 min shows = 14,860 min of fun!!(247h 40m)
That's just what I have watched in full seasons, probably add another 100 hours onto the top of that so... 247.4 + 733.2 + 100 = 1,081 hours of AWESOME FUN!!!!
It's funny looking at it now, 1400 vs 1081 hours (minimum estimate) and I haven't even included the movies I've watched and some other shows that I've missed out
supernatural (3 seasons) 40 min
Smallville (6 seasons) 40 min
Reaper (half a season) 40 min
Kyle XY (1.8 season) 40 min
Journeyman (half a season) 40 min
Gossip Girl (half a season) 40 min
CSI (2 seasons) 40 min
Bones (2 seasons) 40 min
Who's line is it anyway (2 seasons) 20 min
Which equates to approx 13,840 min 230h 40min
1400 hours vs 1311.6 hours
100 off of the fun times I've had in Guild Wars!!!!!! *sigh*
Lets see... If i did all those in two years.... and sleep 8 hours a day in a 365 days Which is approx 11.2% of my day consists of watching TV!!! and adding in the fact that I spend 6 hours in school/uni, out of the free time I have at home 18.4% of my spare time! of 10 hours each day every day. I watched 2~4 episodes of something a day for the past 2 years!

I think that's enough number crunching for the day!

February 29, 2008


These words, I should say them without hesitation.
I hesitate.
These things, I should point them out without hesitation.
I hesitate.
These feelings, I should share them without hesitation.
I hesitate.

February 28, 2008

To share

To share would be too much,
We all need out secrets,
Hidden we shall remain,
For how long?

To share would be strange,
We like to be unknown,
Hidden from the others,
For how long?

To share would be to reveal truths,
We love to lie,
Hidden behind barricades of lies,
Not for long.


We can all be desperate at times,
desperate for food,
desperate for money,
desperate for time,
desperate for attention,
desperate for order,
desperate for companionship,
desperate for justice,
desperate for a life.
Desperate, at a cost.

February 27, 2008


We all need inspiration, but where do we find it? Is it inside a painting? Behind a sculpture? At the tip of the pencil of which you are holding onto?
We all need inspiration, and they come from different places. Some see it behind a painting, in front of a sculpture, in the hand of which you hold the pencil.

February 18, 2008

Harmful Truths

Hiding the truth from the people you love may seem like a good idea every way you look at it. That is.... in favour for you! It's the victims that gets the shorter end of the stick no matter what. It's a lose lose situation for the one being sheilded from the truth. Every time, when the truth does come out, he/she would usually say that they would've rather known the truth, but is that true? If you did tell them, they'd probably shut you down, and it may make the friendship tare.
Is it better to say harmful things if it's the truth? Or is it better to say nothing and still be harmful?
What kind of person are you?

February 15, 2008

Moral issues

Just sitting at home watching the news on tv. It's so sad! All depressing, very very depressing.
But that's not what this post is about, I'm not too concerned about the depressing news that's on tv, just the moral ethical issues behind the news.

People making fake mushrooms (buying shitty ones and carving them and sculpting them to pass off as a high hard to make mushroom)
Making drugs more appealing to younger people by putting them in a hello kitty bag.
People selling fake alcohol (methanol) which makes you blind.
Fake eggs that can cause Alzheimer's.
Highly cancerous products being released onto the market.
Massive money laundering done by our political figures

But to make things worse
There are millions suffering from malnutrition in tw and then there are even more people buying highly expensive products from big expensive brands.
Scam artists that "claim" they are the banks and then siphon our your money (if you follow their commands)

Not only are we stupid! We're just brainless. An organisation known as "scientology" believes that we were brought here by the all mighty XENU - of the galactic federation - dictator!!! From small scale ships similar to the DC-7 (or another model or a large airplane) to planet earth and then nuked with H-Bombs (that's when i stopped reading cause i was on the floor dying of laughter) and then to raise in the "organisation's" ranks, you have to give all your life savings and then the very top "masters" will share with you advanced alien technology.

Tom Cruise, I have lost all respect for you.
Humans are stupid! VERY VERY STUPID! And highly selfish. Hope you know that now with proof

February 13, 2008

Resolutions 08

Resolutions 08. Said to myself resolutions are stupid and they always will be but I've decided that this year's main resolution of mine will be these :
Exercise for personal health benefits - be able to run 5k without stopping
Focus on my education - because i know the road ahead will be hard
Be more responsible - Maybe get a job
Be more social - in general
Become someone I can be proud of! (yes that did sound uber cheesy!)

I hope you will carry out your own resolutions for 08, may it make you a better person.

February 12, 2008

China, the traffic

2 times.... i have been to china, to various locations.... and all somewhat developed locations have roads! And hence traveling utilities such as a car!
Of the car variety, I'm targeting taxis!!!

Dear Taxi drivers of China,
You lot are a very very crazy lot. For the price you charge at 7rmb initial and 1.2rmb per km after the first 3
Overall, the service is on par with the cheap cheap price that it is... (approx 5rmb = 1 nzd) which means.... it's pretty well.... decent!
That is if you don't count the major traffic violations (according to nz transport safety association)
Apparently over in china, signaling is for the weak!!! and smoking is for the awesome! direct turning (without crossing traffic ie.... nz would be to turn left) while red light is approved. Driving like a crazy lunatic in the country is accepted and honking your horns is equivalent to "hi! I'm here and i'm going to charge so back off or you're gonna have to deal with my insurance company!!!! rawrrrr!!!"
So... it's pretty shabby but meh! Gets you from A-B cheaply

February 5, 2008


Recently been thinking to write a twisted little short story.
But the scenario is so hard to imagine and the descriptions are need to be very precise to portray the wickedness of the main character.
Should really read some books... but the sight of myself in the library borrowing out literature is so hard to imagine :s
One of you should throw me a book or something

Young vs Old

When the young need to teach the old about manners, it's a terrible terrible sight indeed. As we look up to our elders for advice, is it socially acceptable to give a lecture to someone signifigantly older?
Thoughts please if anyone reads

January 30, 2008


The all time question that is Life, what is the meaning of it! But as the show/movie/radio/books episodes of "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" the question and the answer can not be in the same universe. Strange as it may seem, I think you shouldn't be asking what is the meaning of life, but what WOULD be the meaning to YOUR life!

Shouldn't contemplate on something you can not comprehend, as you will not obtain the true answer but only a fraction of it.

I know the meaning of life - it's simply, to live. (but that's only a fraction of it)


Thoughts.... they're like fish and we are all sitting at the dock, casting our lines hoping to catch them as they appear. Of course, thoughts caught are the ones you are thinking right now. Sometimes, they slip away, just as fish do (much like other types of fish). The worst of them all is when you can't catch them anymore, you see them, schools, swarming beneath the surface, but your line is broken. The feeling dreads me, unable to grasp what is right in front of me. The thought terrifies me sometimes.
I shall come back another day and fish away.

Dear You

To You - My love

You, the first day I saw you, I didn't think we would be so much in love. You, the first time we talked I didn't think we would share so much in common. You, the first time we kissed I didn't think it would be my last first kiss. You, you have become my world, an extension of my body and soul, to harm you would be to harm myself.

Sincerely Me

January 24, 2008

Travels - China : GuangXi

In China in the province "GuangXi" and the terrain is amazing, if you were a fellow interest in geology, you might know a thing or two about it's strange mountains.
If you are thinking, what the hell do you mean? What strange mountains - aren't mountains just... larger and taller hills? Yes... and no, if you've seen some "old paintings" related to china - in any means, especially ones with mountains and done with Black ink (only) and a brush. The old style of printing with a brush. You see the extremely tall mountains much like a pillar unlike a hill or mountain.
They are amazing and they prove true, and it's so strange the way that they are placed. Some cities here constructed their way around a single "peaks" and or on the side of one.
Something else that is special is the caves here, the caves here are just limestone caves with nice stalagmites and its counterpart (cause i forgot the name) - the caves reach up to 24 degrees in some places and have pockets of up to 90m!! *zomfg*
Have some pictures here and will load them up later, sorry if you're expecting to see some :p will upload them in due time.

More to come regarding the following
-China as a vacation spot
-China as a sight seeing spot
-Food (i know that's allan's fav ;))

January 23, 2008


Put my card of awesome cave pictures and A THOUSAND YEAR TURTLE!!!!!! and.... the thing loaded.... but not all, so i took a look through to see if it loaded all of them, looked at the first few images and concluded that the rest of them would've loaded.
Lost about 50 pics of 150, me thinks, and a set of really valuable few JUST AFTER the cut off, very annoying. Nice still water in the cave reflecting the stalagmites
*sigh* and a tear :(

I have learned to now check the end of the collection before deleting the pictures from the card itself :(

January 10, 2008

Got bored and said Hummm..... Lets do something fun so i jumped into flash and then drew this for an hour
I present to you the Ellis II (Ellis Mark two)

Vaporial industries presents to you the new series in galactic battleship the Ellis II
The Ellis II has many new features installed like the newly developed Angel Core(tm).

Would go into more detail about the "theoretical science behind the Angel Core(tm)" but meh! Generally a semi-controlled fusion reaction that is released at the front of the battleship as high power destruction! FUN! And dangerous! Buy one today!

As you can see it's not finished yet, shall make a flash about the angel core but blogger doesn't like flash very much :( *tear*
This is done with my kewl new pen and an hour of fun work and half an hour of trying to put flash into blogger :(
Ellis II is still under construction. If you're wondering about Ellis (original) it's also in the works, it's just a downgraded version of it, and in case you havn't noticed, I drew inspiration from the following : Starcraft Carrier (and real life carriers), The Dreadnaught in Homeworld 2
Fun times

January 9, 2008

All I see are numbers

I don't know about you, but when I see something, I know that it can be a particular mathematical formula. I may not know what it is exactly, but I know that it can be related to maths in some way. Sorta like that crazy show about numbers called "Numb3rs" with a 3!!! Cause that's so hip hop and nasty!
But more to the point, it's interesting to play a game and watch it's engine to cool things and realise the math behind it and various behaviour patterns that different units have and what kind of improvements it requires and where it needs it.
I think I'm becoming more and more like a computer scientist.
The feeling is like reading a painting and separating each individual detail apart and put them into their own categories. It sorta becomes a 3-D image viewed side on.
Nuts am I? Maybe, can you see my point?

Ten things to do when.... you go crazy

I'm feeling a little crazy~~ are you~~~? (no i'm not but just for the sake of the post i'll turn up the crazy) Well! If you one day find yourself in a craaaaaaazy moood, feeling like something craaaaaazy to do, and that totally didn't make any sense at all. So! You should! Do something CaRaZy!
Did you know that crazy spelt backwards is yzarac? zomfg! gfmoz!!!! i have no idea what i'm doing

Number 10!
Lets start with something basic here, this is number 10 in the crazy countdown!
Go into a populated area and play out the titanic romance scene BY YOURSELF!!!! (the I'm the king of the world one) Playing BOTH roles.
Well... been there and done that?
NUMBER 9!!!!
Do a crazy stupid/retarded accent for the entire day!!! Well... it may not sound crazy, but it's damn hard. Try it for an hour and see if you can do that for another say.... day?
Still not hitting that spot yet?
Number 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay that was not really needed but hey! Might as well go c c c c c c razy!!! like an emo with a razor blade! It's gonna cut! Like CA RA ZY!
Alright, to the point! Number 8! Pretend that you are actually IN A SHOOT OUT! As in... bullets are wizzing past and you have to hug the wall and look around corners and stay low as you carry out orders.
Number 7
This isn't exactly about you! It's about the person you talk to. EVERY SENTENCE! IS! A QUESTION? Yes it is, try it out!!! And you'll sure get somewhere as you watch someone kick you!!! In the FACE! (hope it's not chuck norris)
Number 6
Running low on crazy ideas here? NO!? Yes? Almost! But wait, that's not all!
Put on sunglasses and walk down the street with a cane LIKE A BLIND MAN!!! AND BUMP INTO EVERYONE!!! You'll sure be hated but no one is gonna hit a cripple.
Number 5
Lay out lines and lines of petrol and then make pretty pictures with them and then set it afire!!!! (isn't that a crime?) YES IT IS!!! So don't do this unless... oh wait, CRAZY!!!
Number 4
Yell jibberish at anyone you wanna talk to (lame! seen it done before - ever consider that THEY'RE CRAZY!!?)
Nuuuuummmmmber tree!!!!!
When someone has their back turned against you, you mock them by mouthing their words and doing something rediculous. You're getting pretty looney there?
Number tooooooooooooooooooo
When preachers come around to "spread the faith" tell them you worship the one true god LUCIFER!!! That'll cause some mayhem
Say "yes you do look fat in that dress" BEFORE!!!! She asks you!!! MUAHAHAHAAAAA

Got any brilliant crazy things to do!!? POST THEM! Rarhar har har har!!!