February 29, 2008


These words, I should say them without hesitation.
I hesitate.
These things, I should point them out without hesitation.
I hesitate.
These feelings, I should share them without hesitation.
I hesitate.

February 28, 2008

To share

To share would be too much,
We all need out secrets,
Hidden we shall remain,
For how long?

To share would be strange,
We like to be unknown,
Hidden from the others,
For how long?

To share would be to reveal truths,
We love to lie,
Hidden behind barricades of lies,
Not for long.


We can all be desperate at times,
desperate for food,
desperate for money,
desperate for time,
desperate for attention,
desperate for order,
desperate for companionship,
desperate for justice,
desperate for a life.
Desperate, at a cost.

February 27, 2008


We all need inspiration, but where do we find it? Is it inside a painting? Behind a sculpture? At the tip of the pencil of which you are holding onto?
We all need inspiration, and they come from different places. Some see it behind a painting, in front of a sculpture, in the hand of which you hold the pencil.

February 18, 2008

Harmful Truths

Hiding the truth from the people you love may seem like a good idea every way you look at it. That is.... in favour for you! It's the victims that gets the shorter end of the stick no matter what. It's a lose lose situation for the one being sheilded from the truth. Every time, when the truth does come out, he/she would usually say that they would've rather known the truth, but is that true? If you did tell them, they'd probably shut you down, and it may make the friendship tare.
Is it better to say harmful things if it's the truth? Or is it better to say nothing and still be harmful?
What kind of person are you?

February 15, 2008

Moral issues

Just sitting at home watching the news on tv. It's so sad! All depressing, very very depressing.
But that's not what this post is about, I'm not too concerned about the depressing news that's on tv, just the moral ethical issues behind the news.

People making fake mushrooms (buying shitty ones and carving them and sculpting them to pass off as a high hard to make mushroom)
Making drugs more appealing to younger people by putting them in a hello kitty bag.
People selling fake alcohol (methanol) which makes you blind.
Fake eggs that can cause Alzheimer's.
Highly cancerous products being released onto the market.
Massive money laundering done by our political figures

But to make things worse
There are millions suffering from malnutrition in tw and then there are even more people buying highly expensive products from big expensive brands.
Scam artists that "claim" they are the banks and then siphon our your money (if you follow their commands)

Not only are we stupid! We're just brainless. An organisation known as "scientology" believes that we were brought here by the all mighty XENU - of the galactic federation - dictator!!! From small scale ships similar to the DC-7 (or another model or a large airplane) to planet earth and then nuked with H-Bombs (that's when i stopped reading cause i was on the floor dying of laughter) and then to raise in the "organisation's" ranks, you have to give all your life savings and then the very top "masters" will share with you advanced alien technology.

Tom Cruise, I have lost all respect for you.
Humans are stupid! VERY VERY STUPID! And highly selfish. Hope you know that now with proof

February 13, 2008

Resolutions 08

Resolutions 08. Said to myself resolutions are stupid and they always will be but I've decided that this year's main resolution of mine will be these :
Exercise for personal health benefits - be able to run 5k without stopping
Focus on my education - because i know the road ahead will be hard
Be more responsible - Maybe get a job
Be more social - in general
Become someone I can be proud of! (yes that did sound uber cheesy!)

I hope you will carry out your own resolutions for 08, may it make you a better person.

February 12, 2008

China, the traffic

2 times.... i have been to china, to various locations.... and all somewhat developed locations have roads! And hence traveling utilities such as a car!
Of the car variety, I'm targeting taxis!!!

Dear Taxi drivers of China,
You lot are a very very crazy lot. For the price you charge at 7rmb initial and 1.2rmb per km after the first 3
Overall, the service is on par with the cheap cheap price that it is... (approx 5rmb = 1 nzd) which means.... it's pretty well.... decent!
That is if you don't count the major traffic violations (according to nz transport safety association)
Apparently over in china, signaling is for the weak!!! and smoking is for the awesome! direct turning (without crossing traffic ie.... nz would be to turn left) while red light is approved. Driving like a crazy lunatic in the country is accepted and honking your horns is equivalent to "hi! I'm here and i'm going to charge so back off or you're gonna have to deal with my insurance company!!!! rawrrrr!!!"
So... it's pretty shabby but meh! Gets you from A-B cheaply

February 5, 2008


Recently been thinking to write a twisted little short story.
But the scenario is so hard to imagine and the descriptions are need to be very precise to portray the wickedness of the main character.
Should really read some books... but the sight of myself in the library borrowing out literature is so hard to imagine :s
One of you should throw me a book or something

Young vs Old

When the young need to teach the old about manners, it's a terrible terrible sight indeed. As we look up to our elders for advice, is it socially acceptable to give a lecture to someone signifigantly older?
Thoughts please if anyone reads