July 27, 2008


For a moment through time and space, we are one. Destined to follow the same path, separately but at the same time. Strangely, time and space doesn't allow us to do this. I wish we can be together always, closer than anything else in the physical universe, bounded together, forever. I want you to be closer to me, but what I want is not what I can have. You've slipped through my fingers too many times.
Thoughts of holding you in my arms quickly travels into the abyss in my mind, they yearn to be forgotten by vote of the collective. Hope is the only part of the grand collective of feelings that keeps you up on it's walls, soon to be taken down.

July 7, 2008

Man's best friend

He sits, he lays down, he comes when called,
He eats, he sleep, he plays when bored,
He growls, he snarls, he barks when angry,
He's caring, he's fun, he's lively
He's man's best friend.

July 6, 2008

She stands there

She stands there... holding onto something so beautiful, completely startled by it. The world around her becomes muted by it's mere presence. She felt so powerful holding it in her hands, "It doesn't belong to me alone" ,she says to herself in the silent but busy room.
Today she felt the future in her hands... she enjoyed it. So much... she wants to do it again and again.

July 5, 2008

Chipmunk on the roof

Scuttling, it's the noise you hear 3 seconds before your alarm clock goes off.
Little crunching noises as you pour milk into your cereal.
More scuttling as you get into your car.
"There's a chipmunk somewhere in this house i think... should i kill it or let it go? Eh~ Whatever," is what you tell yourself.
You honestly can't be bothered getting rid of it, plus it's just there not doing anything... i hope...

July 3, 2008

Do not fret, the inquisitor cometh

One says, "Hi" another says, "Hey", but ultimately, this person says nothing. Did they mean to say anything? Or is he simply ignorant of your presence? Thoughts must race over yourself to who this person is... are they... mute? Expressionless? Do they simply just detest you? No... of course not, I'm lovable, no one can resist my charms. Somehow, that person has dodged every bullet you fired. You grow furious and maybe admit a little anxious about it. You tell yourself just let it go, and you do... that person... the one you used to love... they just tossed you away without even a glance.

Do you understand the pain?