March 31, 2008

Things to own!

Things to own... when you become a gazillionare! or have so much money you don't actually know what to do with it.
I can't say much about what you want, but here's what I've come up with so far on my list of wants.

-That wack waveing inflatable arm flailling tube man from family guy
-Swimming pool of bean bag beans
-Side pool with jelly!!
-A yellow school bus
-Barney suit
-Robotic Dinosaur (the cheap ones you see at slightly-amusing-amusement parks)

This is the list currently, more ideas might spring forth!

March 30, 2008

Me and my anus!

woah woah woah!!! A little graphic? Maybe! But that's not the point! Me and my anus! Titled by me! Because it's legendary.
How to use :
It's easy! Instead of "your mum!" used "My ANUS!"
often degrading to the user but gets the point across
commonly used as an insult to what the target is or is doing

Examples :
Hey, can you pick up that potato?
My ANUS can pick up that potato!!

I wish I can do maths so well.
My ANUS can do maths well!!!!

Basically, it's universal, JUST DO IT! My ANUS CAN DO IT!
It doesn't have to make any sense what so ever, use as directed for a comical effect to something mundane or to defuse tense situations. MY ANUS CAN DEFUSE TENSE SITUATIONS!!!

this... is ..... LEGENDARY!!!!

I got 1 word for it!! JUST ONE!!!

March 29, 2008

Tears of my Sun

Even the Sun may cry on occasions. It's okay, we will wait with you.

March 22, 2008

Fish out of water

The fact is, fish don't belong anywhere else but in water (alive that is). So... that's why the saying "like a fish out of water" comes from, but what happens if two fish were out of water? Does the rule of not belonging still apply? And what happens when there's an entire school of fish out of water? Would that be so strange?
And finally, what about all the fish out of water? Surely that wouldn't be strange at all!!

March 21, 2008

I honestly don't

I don't want to be the jackass, not really. It's a horrible thing to be. I'm a nice guy, but being the devil's advocate it so much more entertaining. Plus, if someone's already "reserved", what am I to do? Act like a complete jackass and provide a contrast between the "reserve-ee" and the others. Essentially, the wing man. The general outline of the wing man is that he doesn't have any ulterior motives, acts like a complete fool and yea! Get who they're "backing up" laid, or hooked up etc etc... If that's the definition of being a wing man, I've pretty much got a PHD in it - maybe just the make a fool of myself part.
I'm such a jackass, and that would be a euphonism.
What to do when all targets are engaged? Spin around in circles and hope the base calls you back to chill some more.

March 19, 2008

Good Company

*Sigh*, it's like when someone deals you the "friend card", oh yea!!! FRIEND CARD!!! It's so mean! Why can't the friend be more than just a friend? I just don't understand. I'm only good company, but good company doesn't get you laid or into a relationship, but isn't it essentially what a relationship needs? Good company!!? Here I am, thinking yay! But in fact, it's like, "You're great to be around, just not as a person I wanna be around" <-- that doesn't even make sense!!!
Just a tad angry, slightly bored out of my mind and lonely :\
Cause the above isn't completely EMOTIONAL! bahh!!! Just want to feel again, to make someone feel, to matter to someone! But nobody wants just good company and cheesy jokes.


March 18, 2008


Why would I say dodgy things? To put certain phrases into your mind. But it's your choice to "play" the same game with me or call me perverted.
Just today, talking to TWO GIRLS!!!! (yes, g.i.r.l.s!!!! not women or ladies, still girls!!! - and for those of you who know what i'm talking about, YOU KNOW!!!) and I was called perverted. WELL!!! Maybe!! If you don't play this provocative verbal game. I only know a few girls who'd join in on this game, and I applaud you! And for those of you who don't, it's a shame cause we're not on the same page honey~~
I know i know, it's a little perverted, but I didn't say it, but you're thinking it! Did I make you think of it? Or you already thought of it!
I don't know, I just miss having someone else think for me.
Don't respond if you're just gunna bash me please

March 15, 2008

Horribly Desensitised

Yes, I'm horribly desensitised (or according to, it's more like... desensitized!!! - i hate americans). What does that mean Pan? You ask! Well! I'll tell you! You should have heard of those "e-shock videos" that are on the internet, such as "meat spin", "tubgirl", "goat.xe (or something)" and various other shock horror vid/pics.
The latest craze is the "2 girls 1 cup" and it's spin offs (just as disgusting or more). As sad as it may seem, I just laughed at the video and then cheered them on and made pleasurable "mmmm - delicious" sounds (sarcastically OF COURSE!!) In the case of the bit where she passes the load on like "snowballing" - yes, google THAT! - I just cheered and said "yea!!! you go girl"
I'm disturbed by my own actions, very so much that I'm making this blog post. I'm more concerned with how happy I was after watching it and just wanting to laugh at it some more and press replay just over the awesome chocolaty moments! MMMM Who wants chocolate ice cream and moro bars!!! YUM!

March 11, 2008

The illusion of choice

You believe that you have a choice whether or not to take the blue pill or red pill, but in fact, you don't have that choice at all, choices you make are predetermined set of values and variables set subliminally. In fact, you've already taken the pill before the choice has been presented to you.
The thought of destiny scares us, as we are "meant" for something, a set purpose that may or may not be apparent to us yet. Everyone knows the classic "it is your destiny, join the dark side" argument that Darth Vadar puts up but that's not enough to convince anyone. We all want to think we have control over our lives, our own destiny. To a degree yes, but you wouldn't expect a poor starving African child to become a tycoon over the course of his/her life. In the rare event that it happens, but the decision is not theirs to make.

Did you chose to read this far? Or have I made the content interesting enough for you to read? Is that my choice, or yours?

March 10, 2008


Seems like nobody cares anymore, which is a sad fact. I, myself have more things to blog about, feelings in need to be shared, words unspoken.
Maybe it's time for me to take a break from this, seeing as how nobody reads much of it anyway.

March 9, 2008

Beach, The

Spent a fun day at the beach just on Saturday, built a nice sand castle tower, caught some waves and swam a little, ran across the sand and did that scorpion king come out from under the sand thing - which was just me putting sand over my head and then having a hard time scratching it all out.

So far, I have no sun burns (Yea!!) but if you ask, I'll show you some flesh ;).

March 8, 2008

Tee-Vee madness

Sat down, was looking through all the TV eps i've watched.... thought about the ones that I have deleted from my 500gigs of AWESOMENESS!!! But then... i remembered that I wasted 1400 hours on a MMORPG - Guild Wars and considerable money on it as well a few years ago, it lasted for about 2 yeas though.
Thought about how much I've shifted my attention to the TV industry to replace my attention towards the Gaming industry. Here's the massive amounts of TV I've watched on my pc!
Category 40 min, 20eps/Season (avg)
24 (6 seasons)
Boston Legal (3 seasons)
Desperate Housewives (3 seasons)
Heroes (1 season)
Lost (3 seasons)
Prison break (2 seasons)
Stargate SG-1 (10 seasons)
Stargate Atlantis (3 seasons)
The L Word (4 seasons)
MythBusters (5 seasons)
Ugly Betty (1 seasons)
Grey's Anatomy (3 seasons)
MacGyver (3 seasons)
Battlestar Galactica (3 seasons)
One Tree Hill (4 seasons)
Firefly (1 season)
So far Tally - 55 Seasons x 40 min x 20eps= 44,000 min of fun! (733h 20m)
Well....That's a lot of hours to be honest! NOW!!! Lets count the half hour shows
Category - Half hour shows - 20 min, counting eps
Bleach (160eps)
Naruto (260eps)
Scrubs (20eps x 6 seasons = 120eps)
Full Metal Alchemist (51)
Chobits (26eps)
Guns x Swords (26eps)
Full Metal Panic (24eps +13eps)
Ichigo 100% (13eps)
Blood + (50eps)
Sad!!! A total of 743eps of 20 min shows = 14,860 min of fun!!(247h 40m)
That's just what I have watched in full seasons, probably add another 100 hours onto the top of that so... 247.4 + 733.2 + 100 = 1,081 hours of AWESOME FUN!!!!
It's funny looking at it now, 1400 vs 1081 hours (minimum estimate) and I haven't even included the movies I've watched and some other shows that I've missed out
supernatural (3 seasons) 40 min
Smallville (6 seasons) 40 min
Reaper (half a season) 40 min
Kyle XY (1.8 season) 40 min
Journeyman (half a season) 40 min
Gossip Girl (half a season) 40 min
CSI (2 seasons) 40 min
Bones (2 seasons) 40 min
Who's line is it anyway (2 seasons) 20 min
Which equates to approx 13,840 min 230h 40min
1400 hours vs 1311.6 hours
100 off of the fun times I've had in Guild Wars!!!!!! *sigh*
Lets see... If i did all those in two years.... and sleep 8 hours a day in a 365 days Which is approx 11.2% of my day consists of watching TV!!! and adding in the fact that I spend 6 hours in school/uni, out of the free time I have at home 18.4% of my spare time! of 10 hours each day every day. I watched 2~4 episodes of something a day for the past 2 years!

I think that's enough number crunching for the day!