May 30, 2008


No more... strength to go on.... blogging streak... ending
lack of motivation to go on.
it is sad to witness a death of a blog
even worse being the executioner.
nobody will read... nobody will see... the true genius will never be discovered in time to save the world. flattering myself won't resurrect the remains of this blog.
Sad but true.
If a blog falls in blog-universe, does it make a sound...?
Only the cries of readers.... of which there is none.

May 16, 2008

You are an inspiration to me

You are an inspiration to me
The very essence of your being,
The way you subdue others with your charms,
The articulation of your words,
The reminder that you will always be there,
The justifications you give to your actions,
The understanding you portray,
The vibrancy of your glare,
The formation of your sentences,
The thriller that is being you.

You are an inspiration to me,
Without you I would be nothing.
Without you I would feel nothing,
Without you I would try nothing,
Without you I would say nothing,
Without you I would see nothing.

You are an inspiration to me,
everything that I do not want to be.

May 11, 2008

We simply don't care

Sitting at home, completely unaware of the growing explosive tumor in my brain that is a ticking time bomb. Which is one possibility of my demise, yours too. But we carry on with our lives as it were normal, unknowingly making arrangements that we will not be able to attend to, making promises that we can not keep. Because you're dead and all~~ No grudges can be held there - I hope.
The question that comes up often in our lives as we receive bad news that we can not do anything about. Is it really worth knowing if you can not do a damn about it? War in some middle eastern place that we can't do anything about. Brain tumor that's growing inside citizen A's head that will explode in 10 seconds from now? Unconsciously we make the choice not to care deeply about these people who are not directly connected to us.
I'm not saying we should shed a thousand tears for each individual that passes away. In contrast to not giving a damn about your dying parents. I'm simply raising the issue to the fact that us being human beings do not care much about others that we can not feel the effects of. Sadly but true, we do not give a damn about something that does not affect directly.
A sad and true fact.