January 30, 2008


The all time question that is Life, what is the meaning of it! But as the show/movie/radio/books episodes of "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" the question and the answer can not be in the same universe. Strange as it may seem, I think you shouldn't be asking what is the meaning of life, but what WOULD be the meaning to YOUR life!

Shouldn't contemplate on something you can not comprehend, as you will not obtain the true answer but only a fraction of it.

I know the meaning of life - it's simply, to live. (but that's only a fraction of it)


Thoughts.... they're like fish and we are all sitting at the dock, casting our lines hoping to catch them as they appear. Of course, thoughts caught are the ones you are thinking right now. Sometimes, they slip away, just as fish do (much like other types of fish). The worst of them all is when you can't catch them anymore, you see them, schools, swarming beneath the surface, but your line is broken. The feeling dreads me, unable to grasp what is right in front of me. The thought terrifies me sometimes.
I shall come back another day and fish away.

Dear You

To You - My love

You, the first day I saw you, I didn't think we would be so much in love. You, the first time we talked I didn't think we would share so much in common. You, the first time we kissed I didn't think it would be my last first kiss. You, you have become my world, an extension of my body and soul, to harm you would be to harm myself.

Sincerely Me

January 24, 2008

Travels - China : GuangXi

In China in the province "GuangXi" and the terrain is amazing, if you were a fellow interest in geology, you might know a thing or two about it's strange mountains.
If you are thinking, what the hell do you mean? What strange mountains - aren't mountains just... larger and taller hills? Yes... and no, if you've seen some "old paintings" related to china - in any means, especially ones with mountains and done with Black ink (only) and a brush. The old style of printing with a brush. You see the extremely tall mountains much like a pillar unlike a hill or mountain.
They are amazing and they prove true, and it's so strange the way that they are placed. Some cities here constructed their way around a single "peaks" and or on the side of one.
Something else that is special is the caves here, the caves here are just limestone caves with nice stalagmites and its counterpart (cause i forgot the name) - the caves reach up to 24 degrees in some places and have pockets of up to 90m!! *zomfg*
Have some pictures here and will load them up later, sorry if you're expecting to see some :p will upload them in due time.

More to come regarding the following
-China as a vacation spot
-China as a sight seeing spot
-Food (i know that's allan's fav ;))

January 23, 2008


Put my card of awesome cave pictures and A THOUSAND YEAR TURTLE!!!!!! and.... the thing loaded.... but not all, so i took a look through to see if it loaded all of them, looked at the first few images and concluded that the rest of them would've loaded.
Lost about 50 pics of 150, me thinks, and a set of really valuable few JUST AFTER the cut off, very annoying. Nice still water in the cave reflecting the stalagmites
*sigh* and a tear :(

I have learned to now check the end of the collection before deleting the pictures from the card itself :(

January 10, 2008

Got bored and said Hummm..... Lets do something fun so i jumped into flash and then drew this for an hour
I present to you the Ellis II (Ellis Mark two)

Vaporial industries presents to you the new series in galactic battleship the Ellis II
The Ellis II has many new features installed like the newly developed Angel Core(tm).

Would go into more detail about the "theoretical science behind the Angel Core(tm)" but meh! Generally a semi-controlled fusion reaction that is released at the front of the battleship as high power destruction! FUN! And dangerous! Buy one today!

As you can see it's not finished yet, shall make a flash about the angel core but blogger doesn't like flash very much :( *tear*
This is done with my kewl new pen and an hour of fun work and half an hour of trying to put flash into blogger :(
Ellis II is still under construction. If you're wondering about Ellis (original) it's also in the works, it's just a downgraded version of it, and in case you havn't noticed, I drew inspiration from the following : Starcraft Carrier (and real life carriers), The Dreadnaught in Homeworld 2
Fun times

January 9, 2008

All I see are numbers

I don't know about you, but when I see something, I know that it can be a particular mathematical formula. I may not know what it is exactly, but I know that it can be related to maths in some way. Sorta like that crazy show about numbers called "Numb3rs" with a 3!!! Cause that's so hip hop and nasty!
But more to the point, it's interesting to play a game and watch it's engine to cool things and realise the math behind it and various behaviour patterns that different units have and what kind of improvements it requires and where it needs it.
I think I'm becoming more and more like a computer scientist.
The feeling is like reading a painting and separating each individual detail apart and put them into their own categories. It sorta becomes a 3-D image viewed side on.
Nuts am I? Maybe, can you see my point?

Ten things to do when.... you go crazy

I'm feeling a little crazy~~ are you~~~? (no i'm not but just for the sake of the post i'll turn up the crazy) Well! If you one day find yourself in a craaaaaaazy moood, feeling like something craaaaaazy to do, and that totally didn't make any sense at all. So! You should! Do something CaRaZy!
Did you know that crazy spelt backwards is yzarac? zomfg! gfmoz!!!! i have no idea what i'm doing

Number 10!
Lets start with something basic here, this is number 10 in the crazy countdown!
Go into a populated area and play out the titanic romance scene BY YOURSELF!!!! (the I'm the king of the world one) Playing BOTH roles.
Well... been there and done that?
NUMBER 9!!!!
Do a crazy stupid/retarded accent for the entire day!!! Well... it may not sound crazy, but it's damn hard. Try it for an hour and see if you can do that for another say.... day?
Still not hitting that spot yet?
Number 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay that was not really needed but hey! Might as well go c c c c c c razy!!! like an emo with a razor blade! It's gonna cut! Like CA RA ZY!
Alright, to the point! Number 8! Pretend that you are actually IN A SHOOT OUT! As in... bullets are wizzing past and you have to hug the wall and look around corners and stay low as you carry out orders.
Number 7
This isn't exactly about you! It's about the person you talk to. EVERY SENTENCE! IS! A QUESTION? Yes it is, try it out!!! And you'll sure get somewhere as you watch someone kick you!!! In the FACE! (hope it's not chuck norris)
Number 6
Running low on crazy ideas here? NO!? Yes? Almost! But wait, that's not all!
Put on sunglasses and walk down the street with a cane LIKE A BLIND MAN!!! AND BUMP INTO EVERYONE!!! You'll sure be hated but no one is gonna hit a cripple.
Number 5
Lay out lines and lines of petrol and then make pretty pictures with them and then set it afire!!!! (isn't that a crime?) YES IT IS!!! So don't do this unless... oh wait, CRAZY!!!
Number 4
Yell jibberish at anyone you wanna talk to (lame! seen it done before - ever consider that THEY'RE CRAZY!!?)
Nuuuuummmmmber tree!!!!!
When someone has their back turned against you, you mock them by mouthing their words and doing something rediculous. You're getting pretty looney there?
Number tooooooooooooooooooo
When preachers come around to "spread the faith" tell them you worship the one true god LUCIFER!!! That'll cause some mayhem
Say "yes you do look fat in that dress" BEFORE!!!! She asks you!!! MUAHAHAHAAAAA

Got any brilliant crazy things to do!!? POST THEM! Rarhar har har har!!!