December 25, 2007

The end of 2007

The end is neigh my fellow americans (like those tv announcements you see on movies when a disaster hits or something) Today! is christmas, and the time for destruction of 2007 is almost at hand! Our hopes are ever so high, and you get the point, i can't think of anything more to add to this crap.
We are sooo close to the end of 2007 it just makes me wanna find a random hot girl on the street and make out with her when the moment strikes. Meh! A fantasy I've still yet to make come true. But anyway! a new year brings new fortune and new things, what to dooo what to doo? Most people have compiled a list of their most wanted desires for this year. And or mentioned a list of hopeful actions (or the lack of) that they wish to do next year.
Oh no, you don't honestly think i would fall into either of these categories now do you? I've ran out of excuses to use when it comes to new years resolutions, if you wanna do it, just do it. Instead of making a long list that you might live up to.
Oh darn, I've lost my thought, maybe that didn't make much sense, but it's the most sense i can make it. Just DEW IT!
I'd like to say, for 2008, I've got a good feeling about it. hope you do too.
Oh yea, and happy xmas, heh i don't exactly celebrate it anyway it's lame

December 24, 2007

PenMouse thing?

What is it this time?What's that you ask? Well... it's... bamboo? Black?


A circle has neither a beginning nor an end. For it is a continuous line... if you can call it that, cause a line has a beginning AND an end. Something just as cool as a circle is a mobius strip (sp) It has one continuous strip and it's 3-d and it has an endless face, cause face has edges, and it doesn't really have an edge.
By now, you should still be thinking, "ummm what are you getting at?" Exactly, this is my exact point. Everything we should do should have a point to it. You may disagree but if you think hard, you will find that everything you do ends up having a point.
The strange thing is, it's quite obvious that everything has a point. But! I do not know what I am trying to explain here in the long run. Doesn't mean it has no point, it has just escaped me. But then again, things don't need to have a point - or do they?

Just another day in the land of the strange

December 22, 2007

You've only got your word

Some of you may know that all a person really has to offer is Trust, and therefor what they say.
Personally I hate people who can't keep their word, even in the little things. And just because you have an excuse, it doesn't make it alright.
In this world, we've only got each other, each other's word and which translates to trust. Can you trust the people around you? Can you trust them to keep their word no matter how small of a task? I certainly hope we all have people we can trust.

If all else fails, you can always trust them to be untrustworthy.
And if you often don't keep to your word, don't offer it.

December 18, 2007

Tip of my tongue

The words are all assembled, all ordered like a marching band. And yet, these troops can not be deployed, the general's lack of sense prohibits their deployment into the air waves. Unable to sing their song on the airwaves, unable to fulfill their destinies as did pilots did in the wars a long long time ago.

The war is long over now, these troops never seen the horizon's edge. Still waiting for the chance, to soar, they await.

December 17, 2007


Do know the difference between things you should forget, and things you should remember forever. Also note the slight difference between things you will forget and things you can not forget.
Sometimes there are moments of your life that will shape the course of your life: Meeting someone different, having a child, losing a loved one, held to at gunpoint. There are happy sugar coated memories that will turn your brain into candy floss, and then there are the deep foul stench of others that will pollute your brain and thus you.
Sometimes things are better left forgotten, but do not forget it all, remember what was important out of this failure, this way you should not do the same thing, or at least recognise it.
Sometimes things are so sweet the whole scene becomes hazy and you lose it, but you still remember the feeling of joy, at least the main parts.

I realise that this post doesn't exactly have an ordered structure and real point to it, but it's just some food for thought, sometimes we need to be reminded, to jog our memories so we don't forget. (that part did make sense right? - i forget)

December 15, 2007

The place that is Taiwan

This is my diggs here in Taiwan! Great fun place really, if you exclude the midnight road works and bustling cars and truck driving past at 2am in the morning. All that and that annoying convenience store's little tune when someone walks past it's detectors.
Here's a rather nice shot actually, this is as clean and civilised an area can possibly get. See how it's so desolate? That's part of it's cleanliness - no people = no people littering and screwing things up.
This is next to the elevated rail way (above is the foundation) See how scruffy it looks now?
There are wide open spaces.... just not in those apartment clusters, beautiful, but highly dense in population
Here's the elevated rail, it rings every-now and then, which shows you how close I live. What you may notice here is the contrast in buildings. And THE BAD GRASS!!! You have the background which is technology and all shiny (some of it) and then the badly made houses behind that car. This is when new meets illegal construction and a hack slash job old.
This building is where I live. This is a very mild look into what TW is really like, it's a lot more hectic to be honest, these shots are really really calming and shows the country life.
Yea!!! This is country comparatively

December 12, 2007

Waiting for that day

We all wait for that day
The day where we walk outside
And we see the world

We all wait for that day
The day where we wake up
And see our partner sleeping

We all wait for that day
The day where we look in the mirror
And we see ourselves

December 9, 2007

Degrees of "Pretty-ness"

Laying in my bed, hoping to fall asleep for an early morning.... IMPOSSIBLE. Seeing as how i sleep 2 hours after this time anyway, and I've been sleeping in the car. Thoughts filled my mind, many thoughts regarding the "MegaBass tm" from my W801i, O M G. Tell you about that later heh.
A phrase occurred to me - "You're pretty, in the "I want you to hold me when I'm crying" kinda way." - strange? yea, tell me about it. Which now I'm posting a little entry about it.
Degrees of pretty-ness, don't think that's even close to a real word, BUT! I'd like to say that this falls under the "we're just friends" kinda thing that any two people of opposite sex (or same depending on your sexual orientation) come to in one stage, either at the beginning, or somewhere along the way.
So what does my phrase come under? I think it's the more than just friends category, except the crying bit - maybe just sad *ponders*.
There's also the, "You're pretty, in the "I wanna bang you" kinda way"
and, "You're pretty, "but you're just not my type" kinda way"
and then there's "HELL NO"

December 7, 2007

Cheers for me!

In case you have not checked your university exam results yet, which I doubt you have "forgotten" slash neglected to see just in case you think it can still change depending on the day outside and your current mood (like my sister believes). You should check it if you haven't done so already.

For me, a GPA of 7.00+ is still apparent, which means above a score of A-. HORRAY, I'm so relieved now that thats over, cause now i can move onto level 200 papers and maybe die? Get on with dying.

Final Tally
Cosc 121 A+
Cosc 122 A-
Chem 111 A-
Chem 112 A-
Math 115 A-
Math 231 B+

December 5, 2007

Computer Exhibition

The computer exhibition, not as well known as E3 but it's the TW version of it. This is a picture loaded blog post beware!!!!Just a sea of heads. Shows how unpacked it is. (forgot to take a picture of sardine ness!! Lasts for 9 days. Dec 1 - 9)
Forgot what they were advertising, something about a phone?
Slamming? Naw... average

Asian women, or more like TW showgirls
Have I seen you before? That's right, you're picture is next to the word "daaaang" in the dictionary
Yours must be "slamming"
She looks japanese? Maybe she is!!!
Here's the two hotties that were giving out AMD glaives, I missed out.God know!!
I have a Cannon Digital camera, pick me!!
Samsung, average showgirl like their products
Think it was something to do with printers

The exhibition was fun, if you're wondering why there are no pictures of what they're showing, you're obviously not a guy. Or you actually think that this is all about products.
Milk milk lemonade, around the corner, fudge is made ;)

White is totally the new black

Well... it's a bad photo really~~ but hey, just a nice easy show and tell.
The Sony Ericsson W810i - White model
7300 ntd == 300nzd

December 4, 2007

One day of fun!

Had a fun fun day in tw today, worthy of a blog post!
You must be thinking, hummm... worthy of a blog post? You post random shit all the time, so how is this even remotely valuable by comparison, you go on about strange things like poems, feelings and thoughts and... - lemme stop you there, i get the point, but just hear my day out.
Woke up in the morning at 11 (ha!) not much of a morning person. Slept in actually, to sound of tires bringing up water from the wet, moist (yes i totally did) concrete. It had been raining (duh). Got up and had brunch - flied lice!
Later on at around 2 (skipped the bit where i played viva pinata for a while) Me n me mum n dad (for those of you who can actually hear me say that congrats, i have you brainwashed - if you can't, you have luckily escaped my.... not so wrathful wrath).
N - E - WAY! Rode the train (only 20 twd - 25twd-1nzd) 3 stops, and then took a bus (12) to see the grand COMPUTER EXHIBITION! Well... lots of hotties on stages calling out what you have to scream to get prises, managed to get 1 hammer and some other little trinkets, too bad i couldn't get the AMD blow up glaive, totally bummed about that, and a mini octopus on a stick - also large and blown up. DAMN! But got some sexy smashing pictures.
Took the free bus back to the train station and took another ride to taipei central strain station, MASSIVE BUILDING with umm.... 4 underground streets (approx 1km maybe? filled with shops). Went above ground to see crowds of people, streets filled with food outlets and a major department store.
Went to see how much my new phone's gonna be, a wopping 7.3k (NOT NZD FOOLS) Sony Ericsson's W810i (sings justin's sexy back - just reminded me of sexy but it doesn't have a sexy back), what colour to choose from? Me is gonna go for the pure innocent white shell cus everyone else gets black and black is totally over rated in my opinion.
Another side quest to get some plastic stools and some cooking stuff and took the train back home, 25 bux.

Main quest - Architect association (completed)
500xp and 500 gold (real dollars)
Main quest - Go to computer exhibition (completed)
1,000 xp
Side quest - obtain as many possible trinkets as possible (obtained a few) (completed)
1 hammer, 3 sticks of air(don't ask), screen duster
Main quest - Buy Cell phone (Failed, return later to finish quest)
Side quest - Buy some plastic seats and cooking goods (completed)
200xp, 5 plastic seats, sets of chopsticks and plastic scraping thing for baking stuff!
Level up!

December 2, 2007

Education - The Masters

Something about our society keeps on popping up in my dad's conversations that he has with his friends (cause he drags me along anyway) - Education!
Well... you may be thinking, "pffft, education, there's heaps of stuff wrong with it" And you are RIGHT! I mean... not to buy into my dad's propaganda (cause subliminally i listen to him and give his opinions an extra bonus rating, a boost in "general sense") Speaking from a person who's been "propaganda-ed" here's what I have to say. (more like what he has to say)

It's about the level of educated people out there, this may not apply anywhere else in the world, but it does apply here in TW. People here, A LOT OF PEOPLE have masters and PHDs here, AMAZING AMOUNT OF PEOPLE, but here's a funny true story:
One of his friend recently hired a post-grad master's to do some copying of some building blueprints. And seeing as how some blue prints have folds in them, he copied the folds!!!! I mean... actually thought they were part of the building, a line down the middle of a perfectly well designed building. True true story.
So what I'm saying is that, education like this is overated here in TW, i'm so glad my folks took me out of TW so early so my university education will not be questioned in any other country.

More on education later