November 25, 2007

On the floor

We here in taiwan use a very newly made system of living. It's called the floor storage system

The bed is on the floor
Microwave is also on the floor
Oven is also on the floor
Rice cooker is ON THE FLOOR
Even the TV is on the floor

November 23, 2007

The city

Just walking around outside and shopping for some at home while nobody's looking pants (possible gym pants) and wandered around a market place, kinda like really tiny streets with stalls on both sides and lots of stuff on sale.
It's raining today and as i walked around, i see a lot of potential for photog shots, very very good contrast of colours and themes in general.
Such as new building vs old buildings.
Actually, that's the only example i can really give, seeing as how it's a city built strangely.
Will take camera out with me next time.

November 22, 2007

New Diggs for 90 days

Sup yos, just letting yous know that i'm not lost on an island somewhere. Saw one of my favourite phrases at chch airport, hilarious. Also saw Yinny :\ too bad her flight got pwned, something to do with a light aircraft accident or something. BOOM! Hopefully she made it safely to wells, Did NOT see reubo at the airport, by the time i did get there to aucks, gates for KL were closed :D
Fun fun fun! Spending time inside for 90 days :\
Will try to look for
-Hobo Gloves
-Large Fuzzy Dice
-anything ridiculously AWESOME

*ooo i see "emily the strange" bag*

November 15, 2007


Ever had one of those days/moments when you want to express yourself, but every single thing you attempt fails horribly? Or more realistically you don't perform this "attempt" (rephrased - you don't attempt) this emotion/feeling/thought?
Sometimes it's like almost sneezing but unable to, it's almost as frustrating as trying to achieve a "climax" and it's almost there and NO~! BAM!!! (or to the point, no bam) The frustration is beyond you and you just want to give up trying to do it. (please refrain from personal comments regarding this metaphor)

My advice, try anyway, use words or any means you can - which DOES NOT INCLUDE PHYSICAL HARM! (you know who you are).

Highs and Lows

How would you feel if you won the lottery of 10 million dollars and then your mum dies of a heart attack right on the scene?
What are you suppose to feel? Well... should feel bad cause of your mum, but are you even allowed to feel good about the money?
Out of respect, you wouldn't go around her wake and flash your cash - so to speak.
Terrible thought, but you'd be expected to do something strange.

November 14, 2007


We are lazy? Nooo~~ But we do all that work and earn money - SO WE CAN BE LAZY! Ultimately, a person is boiled down to how much they can appreciate being lazy. Money is just the currency of which that can buy more laziness, which is what we really want. But! If you spend your entire life earning money and not spending any time being lazy, you're just denying yourself of your true objective in life.
But! You have to think ahead a few steps for the remainder of your life to BE lazy. Such as an education and a job. Thing we do to be more lazy, later on.

Still not convinced?
Why did man invent the wheel? To transport goods faster so more time to laze around.
Why did man invent the car? Same thing as above.
Why did man invent a calculator? Saves time so you can be more lazy!
You can argue productivity which leads to more money and more money TO BE LAZY~~
Sleep time?

November 10, 2007

Being true to yourself

When is a good time to be true to yourself and the way you feel on the inside?
When is a good time to save yourself from yourself?
Time to time, we all feel the urge to slap our bosses, our friends, or even tell someone what they don't want to hear. But, we are reminded of the possible fallout options, hummmmm so you take the easy route, to not act on what you believe in. Such actions are looked as unfavourable, cowardly, or even self destructive (as a therapist would suggest). Holding your own feelings so you can "live another day" can do unseen damage, like bread crumbs dropped on the floor left for an infestation of ants. Or, the commonly used bottled fury example.

Is it simply better just to express your feelings openly rather than holding onto it tightly? Some might believe that if it would hurt you in the long run, you will have to grip on tightly, if it's not too hurtful, (to yourself or another) you should act upon it. It's a common rule of generosity that lives within us that keeps us from telling hurtful things to ourselves and otherwise.

Sometimes these moments aren't so clear, to tell them? Or to sit on it? I wish there weren't such a personality built into people.

November 8, 2007


We all do it, it's something to pass the unwanted time

November 7, 2007

Difficulty curve of education

Well! In case you haven't noticed (i'm pretty sure you HAVE!) You've been saying to your younger colleagues (or them turds), "Last year!!? pffft! last year was piss easy. THIS year is hard!"
And you say to your peers, "This is totally hard" and then your older, hopefully more educated friends say, "HA! That stuff is a cake walk! What I'm doing now is hard!"

Which in a way is kinda funny cause whatever you do, you'll find it hard, and whatever you HAVE already done you find it easy. And this is called the Education Difficulty curve! (or whatever it's legitimate name is)
As you all are aware, this curve is called a curve! It is not a simple linear function (straight line for you nubs) It's more like a slightly skewed exponential curve.
Now! Extend that level of difficulty and project next year's value of difficulty! FUN!

November 4, 2007

Women and Crazy Eyes!!

Recently I watched "how i met your mother" a tv sitcom, HILARIOUS! They raised an issue that seemed very real.
Men can see into a woman's eyes and see whether or not they have "crazy eyes" or not. When you find someone that has crazy eyes, they might be good at sex or what not, but ultimately THEY WILL GO CRAZY!!!

November 1, 2007


Ever meet someone who literally uses the word literally incorrectly all the time? Here is an example of the word used incorrectly:
...and his brain literally exploded... and then he said (X) WRONG!!!
Here's one that's just disgusting:
My mouth literally ejaculated!

He's driving me insane! So what did I do? I literally put a bullet through his head by screaming at him - WRONG!!!
Literally is used when you ACTUALLY DID IT
Here's one that i think is wrong but sounds okay.
The room literally looked like a tornado came in and said hi!
Still... a little odd, suppose it can be used as a metaphor or something.

GAH!!! Why am i teaching freeking english!