July 31, 2007

Burn baby burn~~

Cause I'm a pyro. I went ahead and gotten some fun stuff from the supermarket, and started to cook up a fun formula. SMOKE BOMBS!!! Mine at the moment is kinda petty but it sure smells good. It's paying havoc on my brain though, cooking it gives off a very pungent odor so pungent! It smells like ammonium somethin (they all smell alike) non-lethal but smells terrible. Stuff they put in hair dye and cleaning products. Smells like concentrated piss --no... worse than your yellow stuff. It's so concentrated that it'll come out brown out of your penis, or otherwise. MMMMMM Brown piss. I think you've got a little problem there :S

Anyway. The end product wasn't as promising as the instructor's video, but it's getting there. Burned so god damn well it killed the pan (well.. works both ways). My head's spinning and well... the frying pan is charred. BLACK CHAR!!! that's like 200-400 degrees there of pure fun!. HAWT HAWT HAWT. Next up, dye!

July 30, 2007

Don't Cha wish you had a blog like me?

GRRRR Don't you wish you wore a hat like me? DON'T CHA!!!
Just a random thought as I walked to class in the rain. DON'T CHA!!!? That and having a black woman look-alike Missy-Elliot singing the song close by. Hummm... Wonder where all the black women are at? There's black men around campus. Just not black women. Hummm... does that mean that black women don't graduate where they come from? Lack of Maori/Pacific Islanders is expected (stab -- i know, i'm mean).

July 29, 2007

Time's been skipping

Like a little girl on the footpath/sidewalk off the side of the road. Time... she skips silently. Strange how it's silent due to the gravel she's above. Mystically, silence is achieved.

May have noticed (if you haven't i'm gonna cry) there's been a little lapse in time. But to show that I'm not a whore for blogging, I'll take pull in my "I was off all night and day at a party so I did not have time to entertain the lot of yous that were not there" card. Man, that had to go on an A5 sized card. HUGE!

As our lady Time skips, she smiles. Each swing, each hop, flowing steadily like water, like Time.

July 27, 2007

A Knife!

Wielded by the right person, a knife can be a deadly weapon. It can go from spreading butter, to spreading your blood on the FLOOOR!!!!!
Crazy huh?

Realizing that I'm crazy myself, I come to doubt whether I should be I. (it just seemed the right place to put an "I") But putting the crazy person inside me in a padded room seems to work, the observer in me sees him jumping up and down enjoying himself while opening his mouth wide and maybe yawning of something (it's soundproof), a very very long.... yawn.... followed by another long long yawn. That and more jumping on the soft cushion he is surrounded in.

Enough about I, the point here I'm trying to make I, is that I, you can turn I something common into something life altering (hehehe). Get it? Or do I have to spread some butter?

For those of you who are emotionally incapable of understanding the wonders of life, look at a knife for an hour or two, feel how sharp it is, and then CUT CUT CUT!!!!! Steak that is. Mmmmmm fooooood. I could do with steak.

July 26, 2007

Destruction awaits

A bit morbid to think about that destruction awaits us at every turn. Every nook and cranny. Every little hint of.... something not destructive. Like.... A cat scratching a man's face. Or... A child ripping a butterfly's wings apart. Or... People shooting each other and blowing themselves up. Or best of all? People who just don't care. That's the most destructive force there is. Not Caring!!

Not caring leads to many a-deaths. Like babies who go unfed. Standing in the middle of a fire. Cutting your main artery "accidentally" while waving a very sharp razor blade around while drunk? Well... you might say that's just the select few in the world who are "fuck-tards". But the truth is, we're all fuck-tards.

Wake up to smell the burning house guys. Everywhere you look there's disaster. Too many people having too many ill thoughts and basically, TOO MUCH SPARE TIME! Fuck. People who have time to think about how they are not wanted should just die. Go ahead! Be selfish, Live a life of death. We all hate you anyway if you're gonna be all mopey and always saying "oh, my life sux...." FUCKIN HELL!!! "Get busy living, or get busy dying"

July 25, 2007

Wooga Sugar

Today's tip :A little sugar goes a long way in a long day. Wooga Sugar!!! It'll take you from Woo to Ga!
For those of you who actually read this, stop reading. For those of you who are still reading, you're the type of delinquent that society doesn't want. BAD!! BAD delinquents!! Evil!! You should join a gang or something. You know? Beat up other.... people slash rival gang members for turf. That isn't exactly yours to claim -- just because the cops are sitting on their fat asses watching Simpsons and eating fatty dough nuts.

Surprisingly, New Zealand (yes we're a state in America - *cough* retard *cough*) doesn't have many shops that sell these little round objects with a hole through them. STRANGE!!! We now sell bagels, but not dough nuts. Maybe it's an American *does it in an enthusiastic American tone* thang! That and removing terror in islam. When slurred, it all makes sense. *demonstrates in the background*

Terrorism is ghey. Terrorists should lose, except they're sorta winning in the little war that's currently going on somewhere in..... Europe..... south? East? I'm not too happy about people dying, it's just so... much pain involved. Most of the people who die are Americans... which I'm not too happy about. (It shouldn't be most, should be ALL)

Better watch out, the FBI are gonna shut down my blog just for saying that. FREEDOM OF SPEECH I will shout in the prison walls with a cock in my mouth. *shivers and sits in the corner*

July 24, 2007


We're all potatoes... although you don't exactly want to admit to being a potato, whatever it is. You'll just deny it. Your first reaction to me telling you that YOU ARE A POTATO, is ,"no I'm not." Well.. if you agreed to what I said, just pretend you didn't. Anyway! If you rejected that reality, the first question in your head must be "Wtf does he mean by being a potato? A couch potato?" Something like that.

Being a potato isn't so bad, you get boiled, mashed or baked. Or!!! You live your life free of DEATH!!!!! (by way of consumption) So what exactly do you mean by "I'm a potato" you might think. Well... if you rejected my theory, you are a potato, just a clone of something else. Just another potato in the world. What I really mean is, those of you who automatically chose to deny their true identity are the ones that are. Making sense?

For the unique group that just said "hummm yea, I'm a potato" you're not a potato, in fact, you're anything but a potato, probably a kumara or something.

July 23, 2007

Head Aches

Ouch..... wish there was a pill or a drug or some sort of activity you could do to relieve head pain!!
Either that or stitches will seal this wound shut.

Had a little run in with family guy the other night. I have these moments in life I call "family guy" moments. It's where a mini clip in my brain plays and it's themed like family guy, AO and everything.
Here it is: A conversation with a retard and a normal person.
Oh man! My hands feel like they're ejaculating, it's tingly and I can't feel a thing!!
Oh dear god!! What have you done?
Look! they're totally ejaculating, look fluid!!
Dude! That's not ejaculating, you've just burnt your hand severely!!!

A visual of the burning hands usually show up in my mind, a red and black charred hand. Sounds like a steak burned unevenly. IT IS! *someone vomits in the background* Well done please!

July 22, 2007

Ice breaks

That certainly breaks ice around here these days, screaming Wheee at a super sonic frequency thus breaking the bonds between the water molecules. "OHHHH, not that break the ice silly" (to self). "Meh!" (back to self's self). "For fuck sakes!! Your a skitzo" (back at self's self's comment).

As a battle commences within my head, the third party watches and in a contemplative matter, "hummm..... this complicates things." (just realizes the contemplative is a word -- totally freaky!)

No idea why I decided to start this blog post with the title "Ice breaks". Maybe in regards to "Dawn breaks" MAYBE.... *fight continues in the background* Well.. I enjoy ice, it's cool and shiny!! Apparently you can start fires with them, but as "Mythbusters" have proven, it's kinda hard. You're better off packing a lighter everywhere you go that may include a wild adventure in the forests. You won't need one in the desert though, except at night, sand gets cold at night.

What would you do if you were lost in a forest? I know what I'd do, start making some noise, that way the village people will come and save me, except they'll prob get lost with me cause the police radio won't exactly work in the jungle. Nor a fireman without a firetruck. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE CONSTRUCTION WORKER!!! That and I'll have to hang out with several Homosexual *with lisp* men. Which I'M NOT! *fight stops just to say "sif!!"*

To the person who's reading this (which could be me! cause I read my own stuff as a 4th party) : In case yooooo haven't noticed, this blog isn't exactly wise advice, most of it's just random rant/crazy people talk. Like 5p33|

July 21, 2007


RPP (Regarding prev post) : My neighbor is actually named Dawn, coincidently I typed in "Dawn Breaks". Yes she is very old and she is suffering cancer and IMHO (in my honest opinion) I think she's at the end of the road, but... best wishes.

RRP : As millions of people go to work overdosed on coffee, I sit at home thinking to myself, why does coffee make the world go around? Or does the world go around coffee? That's really an economics question when you think about it... too hard! Loads of money in that thing we call coffee!!!
I'd do some nice nifty research on coffee right about now if I was hopped up on it -- since I'd like to know what I eat. Me? I'm just a social drinker (ha!). I have no current growing addiction for coffee as it eats my wallet like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet. Slowly but surely, THAT THING WILL EAT EVERYTHING!!!
Anyway, what I think this addiction begins is the first sip and the sensation you get from it. Smells fantastic! Tastes a tad bitter (reminiscence of life). And then a few moments later, a sensation, a high, a bond is formed. Literally, a bond between the caffeine molecule and your bodily fluids is formed! WHABAM! like a tow truck has been lifted, you can talk so much faster and well.. time slows down. (not really just a feeling i guess).
A chronic will tell you, "if i don't have my coffee in the morning, I DIE."
Sad ah? All it takes me to get started is a little bit of Mr Righty (Euphonism) and WHABAM! I'm more awake than ever! Death shall not take me this morning!

Overall, I think everyone should be drug tested, that stuff should be illegal.

Dawn breaks

Most people wake up in the morning and go for a nice hot shower. NAW!!! That's totally not me.
I think I smell good enough in the morning to be able to go to Uni and be tolerated. HELL YEA! Totally hotness.

Found out recently that 90% of the first world countries drink coffee!!! Astonished, I sipped some coffee and rejoiced in it's caffeine goodness. Dear god!! Are we all becoming addicts of some sort? Disgusted, I finished off my coffee and slammed it on the table. I vowed to never drink a coffee ever again... starting next week.