October 31, 2007

Something "shiny"!

Ever find something "shiny" to the point you just have to bask in it's o-so-wonderful-shininess? *can't believe shininess is a word*
Well! You stare at it's shininess for like... EVER! And it's just so magnificent. SHINE!!!! Ness! I mean, honestly! It's like teh awesomes!!! But!!! You realise at some point that it's just shiny. Nothing else but all flash. And you're wasting time on it, so much time you could be wasting it on other stuff.


The smell of wet grass reminded her of home. It's been so long since she ran through the meadow. The warm summer breeze offers her hair a dance - so brisk, and short lived. She turned towards the wind, feeling every stroke of nature's gentle brush. She closed her eyes. With the aid of the wind, her soul escaped her body, running loose across a field of lavender. The smell flowed through her like a stream of melted snow invigorating. Someone was calling her name. Like poison, this voice crippled the lavender, tainted the smell and choked the wind.

Everything escaped her, the lavender faded away and replaced with the smell of printing chemicals. The warm summer breeze turns to stale cold conditioned air ripping her hair on the dance floor. She clenched her eyes as she did not want her eyes to feel the needles that the wind carried. A man walks past followed by an infectious smell. Hot coffee spilled and the nylon carpet screamed. The phone rang, the people yelled, the printer beeped, the man farts, and hair fell.

She watched the bird on the window sill - how nice it would be to completely oblivious to all this.
Story a person working in the office and hating the job. Portrays a stressful environment and how nice it would be to find serenity and escape this living hell.

October 29, 2007

To the left

To the left, everything you don't want to deal with, you'll put it in a box and chuck it to the left.
If only it were that simple.

October 28, 2007


Cold. It's all he can feel. His hands, like a metal claw, grabs onto the ice pick. His feet, slowly making their way towards the top. He tries to breathe in air, but finds frosted needles. His lungs like the four seasons, summer soon followed by winter. His body detested him and vise versa. He curses silently - is this the end for him? Another stab into the sheet of ice with his foot, it's loose! He hangs for a moment. He looks down, the loose ice sheet free from it's siblings - falling into the dark clouds below. He has to live on! He readjusts himself into a safer position. He takes a breather. His eyes, heavy from lack of sleep, his muscles wept from the intensity. He reaches into is jacket - a picture of his family. A warm feeling comes through wave after wave - he feels stronger now. He pulls out the ice pick and stabs it in once more - somethings not right, the ice cracks. He falls.

His muscles flinched, they panicked at the thought of free fall. His bladder, at its limit. His eyes almost unable to stay in his eye sockets. His stomach rises up to his lungs. He screams as he descends. "This is surely the end," he says to himself, "Wife, kids, world, I wish I were kinder to you all." A ray of light pierces the thick dark fog that is the uncomfortable, empty bed. His screams stop, he has accepted his defeat. All he awaits now is death. He expected it to be shorter, but these last moments of his life seemed very long. What's this? A hand reaches through the dark fog. He strains himself to reach it. He is so close, just an inch away. Half an inch, quarter. Contact!

He opens his eyes to see he solid ice sheet sliding in front of him, is he soaring upwards? No. He looks left, a static image, right, the same. He regains some sensation in his metal claw, what's this? A tight grip. He looks up to see a friendly face, his saviour, smiling down at him.

Thanks friend.

Do not follow in the path of the fallen

How the fallen have taught us.
Learn from their mistakes,
Do things differently.
Mistakes are plentiful,
For yours to make.
A waste of a life,
To make mistakes already made,
Better to make unmade mistakes.
Just jibberish, but you should get the point.
If not
Point - listen to people who've made the mistake before and learn from their experience. As well as make your own new mistakes. Otherwise the learning process would be a lot harder.

October 26, 2007

The things we do

A lot about a person you can tell by the way they act, talk and even walk.
Why are some people difficult to talk to?
Why are some people so unwilling to change?
Why people want relationships but end them so fast before they start?
Why people make promises they can't keep?
Why people argue over nothing?
Why people do the things they do.
The answer is woven into their tapestry. Their whole life contributes to who they are. At least that's what I think. The theory goes, a set of twins, from a whore of a mother and a rapist of a father, were given to two different sets of parents. One, with a very good parenting skills, and the other deficient. The argument is that their genetics will guide them towards something terrible, maybe even a natural urge to spread their legs (if girls) or a deep desire for raping!!
Can parents and people effect us so much that our own genetic desires are suppressed and overcome? Or are who we are literally built into us from conception?

Right now, i have no idea where I'm going with this, but who knows. I might be thinking something else but a little harder to put mind onto the keyboard ;)

October 20, 2007

To bite and to hold

Sounds kinda vampiric doesn't it? Well... sorta. Came across a rather.... thought? Maybe fun for me, but could be any of the following to you : Strange, Kinky, disgusting, painful. Maybe some others.

What can i say? it's spring, and my natural biology is telling me to procreate. Think of it this way, a tiger knows how to pounce on a gazelle, it's like a, "pounce on that gazelle" gene. Either that or it's just boring atm, and no tv... yes... we all know what happened when TV was invented. Birth rates plummeted. It replaced the national adult's common pass time.

I'll start with a slight touch of the arm.... a whisper in the ear and a bite or two :D

October 17, 2007

wika wika booom boom!

Like on a gangsta rap C--D!! I'z totally loving dat shit from down at the crib yall! You know how I lovem dem shit from back home aight! Bring it to me aight?
You know what i hate more and more every day. People who can't speak english correctly. Or speak it without correct grammar! It's OKAY!!! if they know they're not speaking correctly and always looking to improve. what's NOT OKAY!!! IS THEM TALKING a LOT!!! and always getting words wrong
The MOST COMMONLY USED WORD IS "la" instead of "the" or "deh" it's like.... "DO YOU WANT A MASSIVE RUBBER DILDO IN YOUR MOUTH!!!?" Man!!! Maybe you need to practise how to do a blow job!!! At least you'll learn how to use your GOD DAMN TONGUE in the blowing process!!!
And Second thing are those fucking gangster wanna be!! DUDE, you're not black!! You're just some fucked up kid who thinks he's cool. Stop being a fucking poser and make your own fuckin style. At least you get points for originality, you seem to be failing everything else in life, at least have some self respect and make your own style.
Third!!! Been reading some of that shitty Canta Magazine we have. PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO RANT!!! In later years, I might just post up a tutorial class with a bunch of people to learn how to rant!! It'll be called "Rant 101" Along with "Convo 110 and 112" Where we learn how to start a conversation and keep the flow going!!! It'll be under the Arts degree or even the education degree. KIDS NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET THEIR RANT THROUGH TO OTHERS!!!
I'm gonna go find someone to shove a dildo in!!!

Btw... I'm not angry, just feeling like i need to rant about something that's very every-day

October 16, 2007

The door

Just the other week I was very very excited jumping about and walking around at very fast speeds around the house. And SUDDENLY!!! I opened the door and we had a moment. I was like... "oh, dude... it's okay. It's okay, chill!!" and patted the door like I was comforting it.

HONESTLY! After it, I said to myself, "wtf was that about?" And still! I don't exactly know what it was about. Maybe i was trippin on acid of some sort. Which made me realise all these little moments we take for granted. Sometimes, you should really learn to value time differently. Sometimes you have to learn to appreciate what you have. A roof over your head. Warm blankets, a nice soft pillow, hot showers.

If you notice everything around in your life and learn their true values, you won't kill yourself. You'll be thankful. Either that, or go to a 3rd world country and stay there for a year. You'll probably either die, or be killed. AND if you do somehow survive, you'll learn to appreciate things like never before. LIKE TOILET PAPER!!

October 15, 2007

Every man has a dream, it's just whether or not it has spanks or not.

Everyone has their own dreams. At the age of 5, young little naive boyz want to be hot sexy male firemen!! Which some might become, and other will do the same thing - dance around poles and put out "fires" - if you know what i mean - and yes you should - cause i know you do~~

Some little boys have really simple dreams. Score max points at the arcade machine. Sad... but at least it's somewhat achievable. Then comes the korean proz gamers which 10 folds the current top score. And you've got yourself a hater of life :D

I have no idea where I'm going with this, so I'm just gonna stop here :D Just ponder this thought
Hot sexy muscular men dancing around a pole stripping with bright yellow and orange jackets on. AND A SAFETY HELMET!!! - OOO YEA!
Spankalicious! (i'm thinking about hawt sexy woman, instead of men. I know you're not!!)

October 12, 2007


I've been taught never to assume anything. But I do it very very VERY often. I exercise my ability to assume all the time. I assume that the bus will arrive maybe in 4 min? I assume that people know how to walk on their two legs. I assume that if I give you a simple task, you'll do it.
If you're reading this, you would've already said "hahaha, AS IF!" and now i'm assuming that you're naming names of people who you can't trust to do simple things. Hold on for a few moments. Why not assume that they won't do the work? Woah!!! hold on there panny boy. People don't like a control freak!! But wait. If you do want a job done you gotta do it yourself right? Hummm....
All these sayings... and none of them can be applied. I'll talk about character development in a later post.

Bottom line is, you should never assume people to do their work. Maybe construct that bridge of yours a little over towards their side, just in case they don't live up to your expectations.

On a foot note. The recent poems are just what I've been pondering upon. May not exactly reflect directly, but I'm not weeping or anything. Not about to cut myself open. Putting words elegantly into a poem takes time and thought. Should give it a try sometime yourself.

October 9, 2007


We all keep secrets,
Some written in ink,
Some written in bold,
Some written in blood,
or set in a mold.

We all keep secrets,
Some smaller than a mouse,
Some bigger than a house,
Some longer than a hose,
or short lived like a rose.

We all keep secrets,
Some about each other,
Some about our lover,
Some about ourselves,
no, most about ourselves.

October 8, 2007

Take me away

Every time you stand near me
You take my breath away,
Leaving me breathless.

Every time you talk to me
You take my words away,
Leaving me speechless.

Every time you look at me
You take away my sight away,
Leaving me blind.

Every time you touch me
You take my soul away,
Leaving me eternally bound to you.

October 6, 2007

10 things I miss about you

For your information, it's not directed at anyone, it's just the generic feeling!!! OKAY!!!? Any comments regarding certain someone will be axed!!! or... X-ed

There are things I can do, tell, feel, all of them I miss
I miss the way your hair smells...
I miss the way your skin feels against my lips...
I miss the way you hold me...
I miss the way you make that sound when you think...
I miss the way you walk...
I miss the way you whisper into my ear...
I miss the way you fight for your beliefs...
I miss the way you look at me...
I miss the way you surprise me every time...
I miss the way you....
Heh, I just miss you.

October 5, 2007

Internal bleeding

When your heart, soul and mind disagree with one another, you will begin to bleed. Whether it be fast, or very very slow. Your heart will pump poison. Your brain will play the master. Your soul begins to burn. The damage continues... it could be a silent war, it can last for eternity. But that bleeding will continue without you knowing.

Internal struggles, we all have them, whether we chose to agree, find common ground, or fight. The amount of bloodshed varies.

Peace is hard to come by, find the insurgency and crush it before you bleed to death.

October 3, 2007

Honestly!!? Honesty!!?

Picture a bunch of girls discussing about how they would just enjoy a little honesty at the bar sometimes... like guys should just come up to them and lay things down and show them their true intentions!!

Later on in the night, the same group of girls sit around and order drinks and then head off towards the dance floor. A few guys sitting down at a booth of the bar look around and it's time they went hunting. A guy sees what he likes, one of the remaining one at the bar, she looks so great to him. So, he goes up to her and says, "I'm interested, would you like to suck on my penis as I lick you out and then we have lots and lots of wild sex for a few hours before I head off for an early meeting in the morning?"

Obviously the guy gets slapped in the face. Now... question is... what.. the hell!!?

October 1, 2007

My Driveway

The sky is now clear, spring is already here and I'm breaking out my camera for a few shots. As I walked towards Allan's place, i saw this lovely carpet of petals mixed with grass. Looked at the tree and then said... Hummm... that would be pretty. Ran back home (green roofed one at the end with the car out front) grabbed my camera and took this shot. One's Photoshopped and the other isn't.
Obviously it's a little green slash dark.

Mmmmm Sky looks nice