November 1, 2008

Review : Dead Space

Dead Space... sounds like a horror game, and it is! Pretty good for a horror game, but still have to be compared to the likes of Doom 3!!!

--> Check Dead Space off list

You play as a man who's searching for his... girlfriend? wife? sister? Who knows!! On this ship of class "Planet Cracker" -- this is basically a planet version of harvesting rocks. It somehow cracks the planet's surface and pulls it up into space and processes it. Cool idea huh?
Upon arrival, nobody seems to be answering the call, which is fine for a horror game and the ship that you're in crash lands into the docking bay (typically). You exit your crashed ship with a few others and enter the complex, as a standard horror game goes, you have gore, gore and blood all over the place. First thing you notice is how WONDERFUL the 3-D interface is... as in... the Issac's HUD, not YOURS, but HIS!! He's got this suite like iron man and he has a HUD. This is projected into the 3-d space in front of you like a hologram, FUCKING AWESOME.
As the game continues you get your standard 1 by 1 introduction of enemies, initially you don't have a weapon so you have to run like a sissy down and take the elevator down. You find your new best friend and ion cutter (of the sort) and "Cut off their limbs" written in blood. You shrug and bam bam away you go.
The story consists of running little errands throughout the planet cracker ship and defeating crazy monsters along the way. You get to play space invaders a few times and Z-G basketball? or something like that.
Good things about the game are each enemy has a slight weakness, it might be the knees, arms or their.. tails..... But usually a few shots from mr Ion cutter and they usually die. The game doesn't scare you AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, they didn't milk the game enough, they probably assumed that people are so scared they tend to spam their bullets a lot too... between my 4 weapons, on medium I didn't seem to run out of ammo at all.
The game's bosses are too easy, they basically have targets on them saying "shoot here, ask questions later" very consol game!

Overall, story was pretty decent, strange clipping issues and lack of usage of scary atmosphere :(

October 27, 2008

This upcoming holiday!

This upcoming holiday - things I need to do :
Games to play/complete
Crysis : Warhead
Farcry 2
Sacred 2
Fallout 3
Red Alert 3
James Bond Quantum of solace
Mirror's edge
Left 4 dead
prince of Persia
Velvet Assassin
Need to upgrade my graphics card... Else the things above can not be done :(
Also do a few problems at Project Euler

October 25, 2008

Flame wars!

GRRR Ultimate flame wars.
I used to be a pro flamer in the good old Guild Wars forum posting days. *sigh* Good times... I've retained some of the spunk from the good old days, I still feel like flaming a bad design... just looking at GG's interface makes me wanna FLAME IT!!!
Having done a Cosc course in human interface design doesn't quench the need to flame!!!

Note: HCI (human interface design) is basically design of a user interface. Interface is a program's outlook. Like... Windows has a lot of interesting HCI components. EG. Press Start->Shutdown to shutdown. START = SHUTDOWN??? random right?

October 24, 2008

Team effort

Just recently, i was part of a group project, and you know what REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS!!? People who say, "I'll get it done, sweet OKAY!!" and then... the following few weeks.. NADA! Zilch!! Zero. And when confronted, they say "oh sorry, I was meaning to get it done" (MEANING ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOOL) So now, that 'forgiven' person is set a new task... and you guessed it, same thing happens AGAIN! There's a saying, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, I can't be fooled again (Pres G.W.Bush Jr.) - I love that stupid quote, but you all know the original right? But as a group we decided to turn a blind eye.

This happened several times (that and him not showing up to meetings bothered the collective) till the point where we just accepted failure from any task that he would perform. At the final few days, he managed to pull off his designated task by burning the midnight oil and get it done. I'm sorry, but that's just not good enough. There are a lot of sayings about limiting factors - the collective is only as strong as the weakest. (I can't rephrase that in a more elegant way as I can't be bothered so no flaming about this particular clause)

This person, fails at being a team player. But what can we do? Not like we can fire him from a "random drawn" team.... *sigh* and we're one of the top 5 groups... just to think there are MORE dysfunctional people in other groups *shudder*

For future reference, please do not say "i'll get it done" and not report to anyone about your progress of "lack-of". If you're not gonna do it, don't say you're gonna do it. If you are, keep us updated!!! grrrr angry!